How to Open a Frozen Box in Sticky Forest!

Epic Games

A way was found to open the cache in Lepki Laska!

Sticky Wood was flooded by the river flowing out of the Viking Village. Then came the time of great frost and everything froze. The box, tempting the players, was stuck in one of the buildings for several seasons. Thanks to the new mechanics it can be opened now!

The way to open the box!

One player found an interesting way to open the box with a lot of help from new mechanics. It looks like he has cheated Epic Games and their decorative chest, created to tempt players, has finally given up!

To unpack the contents, we need a pickaxe and a trained eye.

Hitting the floor on which the crate is placed and causing it to explode, objects will fall out of the trunk! A bit of reflex and we can catch the most valuable ones.

The method presented by Dougboy_Luke: