He Created Presentation of Games for Overwatch, Distinguishing Several People


There are legends about POTG 2.0. Unfortunately, we will probably never see what Blizzard promised in his time.

Play of the Game is a very important element of Overwatch. Shows the best play of a given match, thus distinguishing one person.

POTG 2.0 has been talked about for a long time, which means changing the system in such a way that it makes several people stand out.

Players have been proposing to change the system for a year

One of the Reddit users with the nickname andygmb submitted his proposition for POTG changes that he made last year. How does it look like?

Compilation of some multi-player highlight intros I made last year from Overwatch

It looks really cool, it’s a pity that it will probably never be used. Although there were many ideas, and according to Blizzard also plans, the topic was never brought further.