A Game With Overwatch That Became a Hit


A lot of plays are added daily to the world associated with Overwatch.

The main Reddit dedicated to Overwatch is all in the match games. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Among those with several thousand points, there are also pearls.

That’s how you can say about a few top performances that were at the top in recent hours.

Top games that have won huge popularity

Today, the most popular move is the action in which Sombra is liquidated by Wieprz. In the meantime, he uses his teleporter and is right in front of the charging Reinhardt.

100% Calculated from Overwatch

The action is really hard to repeat. Earlier there were also interesting actions, such as the very good use of the Symetry teleporter.

First try at Teleport DVA bomb 🙂 from Overwatch

The third place from the last hours is Zenyatta’s play, which eliminates Fara using a special skill. Impossible? See for yourself!

I finally did it, I killed a Phara with Transcendence from Overwatch

These types of actions do not happen very often. In fact, they are very rare. In the case of Symmetra, this may change a little soon – the heroine will soon undergo considerable weakness.