Will Observer Mode Save the Falling Popularity of Tactical Skirmishes?


What can save Tactical Skirmishes from being forgotten?

Tactical skirmishes are losing players significantly. Riot Games must introduce something that will remedy the rapidly growing decline in interest.


According to the Twitch statistics page for Sullygnome, viewership of Teamfight Tactics has dropped by 40% over the past 14 days, from 14 million hours to 8.4 million. The average number of viewers for these streams also decreased, with the largest streamers gathering 42,000 viewers each, currently have an average of 25,000.

The game also dropped out of the top five Twitch games of the past month, currently taking tenth place on the popularity lists. While viewership was expected to fall, no one expected such a dramatic turnaround. Riot is working on bringing freshness to the game thanks to new characters and items, but without an opponent’s observation mode, it can be hard.

When will the spectator mode be in TFT?

Riot put observer mode at the top of the priority list of jobs. On the last stream, the main programmer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer mentioned that the novelty is to appear soon, but he did not give the exact date.

It remains for us to wait and count on the fact that this mode can actually save Tactical Skirmishes. Or maybe the phone version?