Symmetra and Zaria Will Be Weakened. Balance Changes After the Role Locks!


It seems that those responsible for balance now have their hands full.

Block 2-2-2 caused a lot of excitement among the Overwatch community. The official bold idea was that Blizzard would restore all or most of the balance changes from before the Goats finish.

One of Blizzard employees commented on the subject. Josh Noh outlined his plans for the coming weeks.

There will be balance changes

That balance changes will come is not some breakthrough information. Overwatch in terms of conversion rates and character mechanics has been changed for several years. Interestingly, however, the developers can now focus on making corrections that only apply to 2-2-2, so the overall balance should improve significantly.

Symmetra and Zaria are the first to go. Some time ago, Blizzard introduced a change in the way laser beams work, as a result of which these two characters have not necessarily gained the expected strength.

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As for undoing changes – there is no such option and everyone expected it. However, some of them will actually be re-evaluated. Maybe some things will be undone, but we don’t have any full declarations yet.