Changes in the Fortnite Map Are Following the Path of the Rocket?


Fortnite players have noticed the pattern followed by season 10 changes.

The 10th season at Fortnite completely surprised us. The theme of restoring seats turned out to be really interesting and everyone is closely watching all changes on the map.

There was a rocket theme among theories about events in the game. It turns out that it may have more to do with the change of seats than it seems.

The changes are following the path of the rocket

One player shared a good insight. The changes on the map follow a pattern known from the 4th season when we saw the rocket. See for yourself:


It looks like everything is connecting with each other. In a way, the rocket is connected to the 10th season, the newcomer and everything we have seen so far. Following this pattern, you can even select the next locations to change.