Why Doesn’t Blizzard Use Skins Community Ideas?


During the week, and sometimes even the day, the Overwatch community creates several concept skins that could enter the game.

The Overwatch community is incredibly creative. Over the past few weeks, we’ve published many cosmetic items that could be put into the game.

Unfortunately, we will probably never see them introduced. Why?

Skins created by the community

There have been several cases in the history of introducing players’ ideas. That was the case with Torbjorn’s pool skin. However, this is an isolated case – which is a pity.

Why, then, the developers do not suggest in any way what players propose? There can be several reasons. The main ones that come to mind are such things as:

  • Copyright for the work done
  • Other creators’ ideas
  • Desire to minimize the impact of cosmetic items on the game

It’s just that virtually every point was swept by other productions. For example, Fortnite organized skin competitions, the authors of which transferred the copyright of Epic Games. Something similar was even in Blizzard, exactly in Japan. And although the skins were great, they didn’t come into play.

Different ideas can also be easily countered. After all, nothing stands in the way of creating a social event instead of focusing on new ideas. Collect the best work from 3 years and release skins just as an addition to ordinary boxes.

It seems to us that the last point is the most important here. With your moves, Blizzard shows that skins are not meant to be the main part of the game. It is strange because cosmetic elements are something that has evoked the greatest emotions during all these years.