There Will Be New Game Modes for League of Legends Events!


Riot Games acknowledges that he is aware of his mistakes when releasing recent events.

Recent events in League of Legends have not been very well received. At night, Riot decided to answer what he intends to do about it and what are the plans for the future.

Many people will be happy because the studio plans to add more new modes and more often restore the old ones.

“This year the events have become more boring”

Riot begins his statement very strongly, saying: “Yes, of course! We have heard this opinion and we agree with all our heart – this year the events have become more boring. We want each event to provide a unique experience that will excite all players. “ – writes Riot Games and outlines what is most important to them.

“Therefore, our goal for the future is to make participation in the events more satisfying, innovative and memorable for everyone .”

It’s really a big step forward because we know exactly what to expect. Here are the developers’ plans for the next events:

  • Restoring game modes (new and old) to events.
  • Improving the way missions interact with events, just like with Trials (e.g., Trials gave you a progress bar that you completed by completing missions, which in turn provide you with event rewards assigned to a specific house, making everything seem more consistent).
  • Ensuring more missions and their greater diversity beyond the usual ‘farm of creatures’, ‘killing’ or ‘earning gold’.

We will see the first effects of the new philosophy during the World Championships. Then it will be continued and improved in 2020.