Overwatch on Nintendo will go 30FPS. Dissatisfied players


The premiere of Overwatch on Nintendo sparked huge emotions.

In a moment Overwatch will officially appear on the Nintendo platform. We already know that the game will go in 30 frames per second. This is not very well-liked by players who are simply asking – isn’t it backing up?

The Overwatch theme for the Switch console is really a difficult topic. There are currently two camps on the network – one delighted, the other not only skeptical but providing a complete flap.

Why such a division? Some communities see this as a huge opportunity for the development of portable gaming. In fact, the opportunity to kick opponents’ butts while lying in bed on vacation is a tempting prospect. On the other hand, we have great concerns.

FPS and no Cross-play

Where does this skepticism come from? It mainly results from two things. The first is to limit the frame rate to just 30. This number has long ceased to please players. Overwatch is incredibly dynamic, and here suddenly such a large FPS drop.

The second issue is the lack of cross-play. What will Switch servers look like after a few weeks or months? It may be bad if Blizzard does not ensure proper promotion of the title. After all, we have here a role blockade that must create the right composition.