Minecraft Has Not Enjoyed Such Huge Interest Since 2016!


Minecraft fashion definitely returns. This can be seen in the statistics.

Interest in Mojang is rising again. It is currently peak and will probably begin to fall soon. At this point, however, Minecraft is at one of its best moments.

It has not been so good since 2016

Minecraft bounced back from a really poor position. Recently it was so good in 2016, as evidenced by Google trends. Interest in the game has increased dynamically around the world.

The rising trend is slightly decreasing as you can see. I hope not a straight line down. The apex you see recently appeared in January 2016. Google trends determine interest by using numbers. According to the chart, Minecraft reached 100 points a few weeks ago. Previously, we saw such a result in 2016.

What’s next? At the end, you can see the beginning decline. Well, it had to happen. Minecraft will never go back to the initial hype, but it showed that production can still be enjoyed.