Fortnite: This Is What the Upcoming Skin for Playstation Might Look Like!


Another skin for Playstation was found in the files.

From time to time, dedicated skins for sale go to a platform. Some of them are “free”, others have to be bought in a set with, for example, a console.

Now it looks like another skin will soon appear, dedicated to Playstation.

You’ve heard of her before, but now she got her ID. This means that the skin will probably be available soon.

  • Skin: CID_417_Athena_Commando_F_StealthWhiteBlue
  • Backpack: BID_274_StealthWhiteBlue

Appearance in the game

Players love to play with concepts, so they created the likely appearance of this skin:

It is very possible that the skin will look similar. Will it be free? It is signed as part of the set, so you will probably need to buy something (console, pad) to get it.