A Great Attack on Fortnite Leaker, Youtube and Streamer Accounts!

Epic Games

Since yesterday there is a very big attack on accounts of people searching Fortnite files.

There are several dozen people on the network who search the game files for new products. A big attack on their Twitter accounts has been going on since yesterday. They are hung one after the other. Someone has targeted accounts of famous people in the world of Fortnite. This also applies to YouTubers and streamers, although there are definitely fewer of them.

Someone is abusing the reporting system in such a way that accounts are automatically blocked.

The accounts of famous people on Twitter are at risk

So far, it has been established that these are actions involving the distribution of skins, V-Bucks, etc. For some reason, it’s very easy to call for account suspension by reporting a fraud attempt on the occasion of a giveaway.

In fact, these people on Twitter do not provide any data regarding their activities, identity, regulations, etc. However, this should not be the basis for suspensions. Fortunately, the account of the person who is responsible for all this confusion is already suspended.

Accounts are slowly being recovered. Well-known YouTubers, such as Keemstar, have access to a lot of people above Twitter.

Why do accounts disappear at all?

People who are responsible for it demanded free V-bucks, unique skins and providing follow-ups – if someone disagreed, the person’s account was attacked.