Will Players Receive the Female Version of Galaxy?


A skin leak indicates a very interesting new feature that may appear in Fortnite.

Leak two days ago suggested that Samsung and Epic may reach for an idea from the past. By the title, you already know what that idea is.

A female version of the Galaxy

Galaxy was one of the most interesting skins in the history of the game. He got a lot of additions and it could indicate that we haven’t seen anything yet. The name in the files will not tell you much, but Celestial is the term for the Galaxy skin. Whereas “F” is Female.


What could she look like? In fact, her character could be transferred 1: 1 from another skin. All you need to do is add “galaxies”. Players have already created such a proposal:

What are the chances?

To be honest, I don’t think this is a separate skin for the new phone. In fact, it can be introduced as an add-on, say. So one main skin and one as an addition. It would be a big repetition, and Epic doesn’t really add two similar skins for special events.