Should Weapon Customization Appear in Overwatch?


The topic is back but in an interesting edition.

In fact, from the beginning of Overwatch, we wondered why in the game there is no possibility of greater (basically any) customization of weapons to suit your preferences.

It’s about moving things from one skin to another or putting skins to unlock.

Customization possible

Redzit user Gryz00 noted that he is a Paladins player and for him, it is strange that Overwatch does not have such functions. According to him, everyone should be able to customize their weapons more, because in the end, we see it most of the time.


The vision itself is really interesting because it brings a fresh perspective on the matter. In principle, nothing prevents players from having some fun with customization or unlocking subsequent color versions.

In Overwatch, this is unlikely to happen. Although Blizzard has put a lot of money on cosmetics in OW, it is definitely not something extremely important for them.

Limiting the number of event skins shows that you shouldn’t count on this type of thing.