Players Propose a Prestigious Client, Laughing at Riot Games

Riot Games

Players are obviously fed up with further Riotu initiatives, which are intended to force them to pull out the cash.

League of Legends players are slowly starting to get fed up with the current Riot Games policy. Hence the mocking suggestion of one of the Reddit users that Riot should not be limited to prestigious skins.

Holy04 proposes to add a prestigious game client that has a special feature.

Prestigious client without bugs

“For additional RP points, you can buy a LoL client without bugs,” laughs reddit. ” Fully optimized version to buy in 2020! 

Riot Games


The topic immediately became very popular, which shows the players’ current approach to Riot and the new products they proposed. This does not mean, however, that League of Legends is struggling with popularity problems, the community just wants to see something interesting, new, fresh.