“Blizzard Is Working on Six Things at the Same Time, so the Game Is Not Balanced” – xQc on Overwatch


“To have one job and still not be able to balance the game” – with these words one of the xQc viewers started quite a long discussion. Almost as long as this introduction and title.

Of course, xQc is incredibly controversial, and quoting it in many matters doesn’t make the slightest sense. This time, however, he touched on a very interesting topic.

According to xQc, Blizzard tries to please every possible layer of players, by the way providing all the time various novelties. This is simply impossible according to the streamer.

Overwatch is continuous work?

Of course, Overwatch requires a lot of attention, but for several months it has been said that there are just too few people working with it. A good example was the two employees who invented the Workshop – despite the success of this function, they still had to embrace their old classes and take care of a new child.

xQc believes that keeping the entertainment for “normies”, PRO and casual at the same time is an impossible task. In fact, once there was loud talk about dividing the stage into weekend people and professional players.

But is the art of properly balancing the game something impossible?