A Full List of Patrons and Tasks for Each Hero!

Riot Games

Long-awaited list of all Patrons!

Patrons arouse constant controversy and look as if they were created purely for money. The company keeps going and shows us the next changes!

Remember that all new products are currently being tested and are subject to change.

  • In some cases, there is mention of enemies, which means real enemies, not creatures or monsters.
  • Multiple hits mean 2+ and more.
  • Long-range means more than 75% of maximum range.
  • Damage dealt, etc. absorbed, applies to hero damage, unless otherwise noted.
  • Patrons should not ask for unwanted actions, e.g. killing as support, or casting spells on themselves instead of allies.
  • The tasks are done so that 5 milestones are carried out simultaneously.

Full task list!

Below you have the whole list