Streamer Will Get Their Skins at Fortnite? Skin Ninja?


Today there was a very large leak of information about cosmetic items that Epic Games worked on.

There are a lot of skins and items, such as hang gliders or emotes. Among them, such pearls as the mention of the Ninja skin. This definitely made us curious.

We gave the Fortnite streamer skins a few months ago. Are we not mistaken?

Ninja in files

Ninja is obviously not necessarily a reference to the streamer, but admit that this name in Fortnite is extremely recognizable.



The question is whether this idea has been abandoned, or for some other reason has not come out so far – we are unlikely to know. One can only speculate that at one point there was such an initiative. For some reason, however, it was not taken further.


On the other hand, it can also be an early version of a ninja skin, not a streamer, but even such Kenji. But why then “stream”?