More changes are planned for Aatrox and Akali in 9.19 LoLa?

Riot Games

Riot is still fighting Akali and Aatrox, are the next changes ready?

Most players are already fed up with Akala and Aatrox changes. The company is stubborn and will continue to update heroes.

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More changes!

As one of the main Rioters stated, the company would like to improve the situation of Akali and Aatrox on Soloq. Unfortunately, but the small nerves in Update 9.18 are not enough. Currently, Akali’s R1 is in the crosshairs, which will probably see changes in the next update.

Is that good It’s hard to say, but the opinions are divided. Some would be eager to wait for the deaths of both heroes, others would like to die only one, and the other completely the opposite. One thing is certain, everyone is irritated by constant changes. To better understand your opinion on this topic, we place a survey below.