Blizzard Knows That Cross-Play Is an Important Thing and You Don’t Have to Remind Them Every Few Years


Blizzard is always asked about cross-play issues with every interview.

Blizzard employees gave several interviews as part of the Overwatch premiere on Nintendo Switch. Once again, they were asked about Cross-play issues and whether the release of OW on Switch has something to do with the process of creating gaming functions between different platforms.

“We know it is very important”

From Blizzard’s statements, it can be concluded that the studio is aware of the important role that other games play, for example, the Xbox with Playstation or PC. However, developers are not yet ready to introduce these features.

Ready and said it anyway. There are plans, there are some preparations, talks with publishers are underway. However, it all works more as an idea than something specific.

We are excited about the possibilities and the potential. However, there is still a lot of work on both our side and the platforms.

The developers want to see and see if it makes sense in the case of Overwatch and ensure that they track technology and capabilities.

Cross-play or needed?

Cross-play works and is used in major productions. This is especially useful for connecting two consoles – PS and Xbox, and now there will be Nintendo. This would definitely merge these two communities and shorten queues on servers.