A female version of Łyba will appear in Fortnite? There were definitely such plans!


It is possible that the famous I guess will get his female version.

Among Fortnite players, there are several skins that really made a lot of noise. For example, most players on their accounts have Łba.

She also seems to be very popular by Epic Games. We can deduce this from the amount of styles this skin gets.

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A female version of Łba

Players found some really interesting skins in the files. Among them, among others, the female Łba. It was to be added some time ago. The name of the skin is:

  • “BID_TeriyakiFishPrincess”

Unfortunately, there is no graphics with her. It’s a pity. What are the players for?


It is not known whether it will be a separate skin or a style. It is also unknown whether we will see the female version in the game at all. Perhaps Epic has given up this idea, and the name is just a remnant of this project.