Riot Lowered the Standards of Legendary Skins! Another Mishap of the Company.

Riot Games

Company standards have dropped, what is happening at Riot Games?

Riot Games scores another slip-up, this time it comes to new legendary skins (1820RP). Have you noticed?

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Reduced standards!

At the beginning, let’s remind what definition the Legendary Skin (1820RP) stands for according to Riot Games:

A complete rebuilding of the hero from head to toe, allowing you to completely let your imagination run wild.

The first skin that didn’t meet the requirements (remember that this only applies to new skins) is Star Guardian Jinx. It doesn’t have a new model, gait animation or attacks.

See Ashe Project: A completely “new” character, just like Star Guardian Ahri. Pyke project … the same model, the same walking animations …

Now we get even less: Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan use the same models, almost the same walking animations (especially Xayah), almost the same attack animations, etc. What about voices? They have practically the same texts, slightly changed in many places:

  • pings
  • appeals
  • Shield and treatment, etc.

Many of their new lyrics are simply reworking the stand to match the Star Guardian. The mere appearance of standard texts together with the basic ones … not perfect.

It looks like the company has no money to invest in skins why? There can be several reasons for this:

  • The affair about sexism in the company
  • Litigation
  • Paying experts for improving the company’s image
  • Hiring people because of diversity, not skills

Costs? Probably huge, but also unplanned.

Artistic reasons:

  • Artists are busy, they have a lot of work to do
  • New Tactical Skirmish mode – many new models of Small Legend 2d and 3d
  • Upcoming two new games (lol mobile and some fighting game) – leaks and trailers
  • K / DA v2, will probably occur under the name “true damage”

Keeping employees involved in other games also costs money, but can’t such a huge company really afford to refine something as important as skins?

This approach does not meet standards. It looks like Riot Games has ceased to apply to skins, and the more they pounce on them, the more we pay for something that we should not, and players do not even see it.