Prepare! A New Event Is Coming – Voidwalker!


A brand-new fascinating event is coming from Wraith!

After the latest atmospheric animated movie, currently is the moment for Event!

SEE: Apex Legends – Animated Film “Stories From the Outlands – Voidwalker”

Prepare for a special event!

The update, which has actually just been released on servers (2GB), includes mainly special material, yet not only.

The event trailer has actually just shown up on the official Apex Legends channel!

The event will obtain new, interesting missions:

New skin to buy for 1800 coins:

Additional exp!

  • From 10:00 September 6 to 10:00 September 9, the first 5 places get a double EXP!

Limited time mode – armed and dangerous:

  • Only shotguns and snipers
    • Available weapons: Mozambique, Peacekeeper, EVA-8, Longbow, G7, Triple Take
  • Additions to weapons other than above are excluded
  • Golden weapon variants appear in high-level loot zones and in drops
  • Kraber and Mastiff loot values ​​are tuned, so they appear in the discharges late in the game and very rarely as loot (1-2 per game)
  • Armor reduced
    • Excluded loot: Armor (blue / purple / gold), helmets (blue / purple / gold)
    • The spawn rate of normal armor and helmets is reduced.
  • Chances of dropping loot from the ground are reduced by 45% (this does not affect supply containers)
  • The number of owned missiles has been modified:
    • Light bullets: 16/32
    • Energetic: 16/32
    • Severe: 7/14
    • Shotgun shells: 7/28
  • In general, loot density is reduced, but ammo/weapon spawn speed increases and stack sizes are increased to offset loot shortage and allow players to have enough ammo to not discourage them from fighting
  • The syringe frequency has been increased to compensate for the lower loot frequency
  • Shield battery frequency has been reduced to suit armor rarity