xQc has actually been banned on Youtube. He obtained a letter claiming that he would not stream


This is possibly the very first time Google approaches a maker sharper than Twitch.

xQc is primarily known for playing Overwatch and also his really questionable statements. The streamer sometimes behaves actually inadequately, numerous of his statements struck the point.

It ends up that Félix has among its program alternatives removed – it will probably never ever show up on Youtube

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Ban on Youtube.

xQc throughout among the last transmissions exposed why it does not communicate with viewers making use of the Google system. It ends up that he just obtained a letter not to stream on Youtube.

To be sincere, I’ve never heard of such a scenario that someone was treated this way. Youtube has actually recently changed its plan, introduced additional communication channels and enforced further limitations. The platform is to be far better planned for various habits, as can be seen also in xQc.