When Is the End of Season 9 at League of Legends?

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Does the game client show the end date of the season?

With the appearance of the 3rd split of the ranking queue, the end date appeared, is it the end date of the season?

End of split or end date of season?

The date and description suggest that this is the end of the split. This is certainly the case, but what about the end of the season?

Adding time from the counter to the current date comes to us: 19.11.2019, 01:00:00.

Of course, it is known that the ranking queue does not adapt to splits, it is usually the other way around, so there is nothing to do, but …

The closest dates are two updates: 9.22, November 5 and 9.23, November 19. It looks like the end of the splits coincides with patch 9.23, which may herald the end of the season! In addition, most seasons always end in November, which further suggests that so many days we have the dream rank!

So, probably, the season will end on November 19, 2019, at 01:00. Remember, however, that the information is not confirmed and the date may change.