The Fortnite 10.20 update introduced a dice and a new trap

Epic Games

A new update in Fortnite has already been introduced. Here’s what has changed.

In 10.20 there were two main changes, i.e. a new trap type and a flying island with Kevin.

Battle Royale

What’s new?

A shocking trap

This electrifying object not only has a shocking effect but is also shockingly innovative – it creates a trap on both sides of the hitting surface!

Flying Island
Flying Island has returned with a motel. Two known places are back at once!

Weapons and items

  • A shocking trap has been added:
    • Disposable throwing object. Takes up an inventory field.
    • After hitting the target, this item creates a trap that hurts on both sides of the building element.
    • After hitting an element of the terrain, it automatically builds a wall, and then places a wounding trap on both sides of it.
      • The trap electrocutes enemy players within 1 space of the front of the trap.
        • Damage: 50
      • After setting the trap, there is a 1-second delay before it can activate.
      • After activation, the trap calculates a delay of 0.5 s before firing.
      • After activation, the trap counts a 2-second cooldown before it can be activated again.
    • Epic Rarity Class.
    • Can be found in bulk loot, chests, item vending machines, supply drops, and llamas.
    • Appears in stacks of 2
    • Maximum stack: 4.


  • Flying island
    • Flying Island is back and is slowly traveling the map!
    • The island is separated from the areas below it, but you can get to it using a lowered gravity vortex.


  • Changes from the August 27 amendment
    • Minigun overheating sound removed.
      • This was to bypass the error causing the overheating sound to be reproduced for too long, and / or the overheating intensity not being correctly signaled.
  • Changes from the August 28 patch
    • Turbocharging functions have been changed. You can find detailed information in this article on our blog.
  • Changes from the server from August 29
    • Fixed an issue that prevented places from being displayed on the map.
  • From the server from August 31
    • Fixed a bug with the BRUTAL skin.

Creative mode

What’s new?

Prison Cook
Perfect for prison escape scenarios and more!

Cistern Welding Tank Ready Cisterns
are mounted here. Try it yourself – white assembly is a golden deal.

Cash and galleries

  • Added 2 new cash:
    • Prison
    • Cistern Welding Shop
  • 3 new galleries added:
    • Prison
    • Cistern Welding Shop
    • General props – gallery C


  • Changes from update 10.20.1
    • Bug fixes
      • Empty vehicles again activate wound traps.
      • In flying mode, no longer a big shadow appears.
      • Fixed an issue that resulted in not all settings being highlighted on some devices on some devices.
      • The music sequencer will play sounds both for the client and for the server.
      • Vehicles will now appear at the beginning of the game, not during the warm-up phase.

Save the world

What’s new?

Łupiorzech goes on tour – part II! 
This week you will again help Łupiorzech to reach the radio station and broadcast a song for the summer. Load the van and gather a group, because it’s time to hit the road with a new weekly task!

Hot Mix pistol
Convert the hollow blocks to slurry with the Hot Mix pistol! Now available in the weekly store.

Weapons and items

  • The Hot Mix gun mixes into the weekly store.
    • Fires two sound impulses, piercing the enemies. These hot bits start everyone!
    • In the weekly store from Thursday, September 5 at 2:00 Polish time, until Thursday, September 12 at 2:00 Polish time.



  • Changes from update 10.20.1
    • Version stability on Xbox One, iOS, PC and Mac has been improved.