D.Va in the Lucio skin. It will never happen, but it looks interesting


You know the concept of mixing different character skins.

All the time seeing this type of proposal, we wonder why Blizzard does not release skin packs. So let’s have an event for it, where the characters get the same skins – just on different characters.

In this way, instead of 4 event skins, we have a lot of them and you want to play. These skins could be cheap, even made in the easiest way – the one that is used on the occasion of OWL.

D.Va in the Lucio skin

lionelthelion surprises again, this time with a strange but quite interesting combination. Lucio and D.Va. This was done in such a way as to further modify the pumpkin emote. Effect?

Such skin will never appear in the game, because in fact, it is Lucio with the head of D.Vy attached, but as a curiosity, or something worse for Halloween?