Ankle Return. Today’s Obstacles in Fortnite!


At 15:00, there ought to be special difficulties today for the appearance of the cube.

Today at 14:00 there will certainly be a content update at Fortnite that will bring the cube back to the video game.

An hour later, along with the everyday obstacle, return difficulties will certainly come out.

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Challenges of Return

This is the version of the difficulties translated by us, the final variation might differ a little.

  • Eliminations from the 0/1 sniper rifle
  • Survive your opponents in 0/150 Solo or Duo mode
  • Deal weapon damage at 0/500
  • Search the ammo containers for (two spots) 0/7
  • Use different throwing items in one 0/2 match
  • Land on top of a flying island or meteorite 0/2
  • Visit (two seats) in the same match 0/2

Rewards for Challenges

  • Complete one challenge (10 stars)
  • Complete two challenges (500 XP)
  • Complete three challenges (Loading screen)
  • Complete four challenges (10 stars)
  • Complete five challenges (1,000 XP)
  • Complete six challenges (10 stars)
  • Complete seven challenges (2,000 XP)

The difficulties do not appear also difficult, the incentives are fairly basic. These are generally celebrities and XP, just for three obstacles we obtain something various – the packing screen.