Tfue Dumped Fortnite for Minecraft. He Returned After One Day Because His Impressions Had Dropped


Tfue has been very critical about Fortnite lately.

After Ninjy’s departure from Twitch, Tfue fights for first place on the platform in terms of audience. Recently, the streamer has been extremely critical about Fortnite and the fact that it must leave the game.

And in fact, Minecraft appeared on his broadcast. It didn’t last long.

One day and return

Tfue on his stream had to notice declines because it was enough for one day. There was a trio at Fortnite that the streamer couldn’t miss. Effect? The great departure from Fortnite lasted less than 24 hours.

Currently, many Fortnite creators are trying to somehow introduce other productions to their channels and streams. It comes out rather average. Either they don’t like the views or they try to have fun by force.

The desire to play Fortnite returns quickly when it turns out that viewers really want to watch Epic Games production, not Mojang. Because although Minecraft is experiencing its second youth, viewers prefer MC recorders for some time, not the creators of Fortnite passing on the spur of the moment and completely unaware of what is happening around.