Overwatch Needs to Change the Queue System After Someone Leaves the Match


Overwatch players point out that now the queue system needs some change.

With the role block, there are a few things that could be improved in Overwatch. It may not even improve, but adapt to new features.

The Overwatch community draws attention to the fact that the element that needs a slight change is the queue system.

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A situation where someone comes out

This is a situation where we wait about 5-10 minutes to find a match. Someone is leaving and we are joining the queue again. Players believe that people from such a match should jump to a priority place in the queue.

We have something similar in League of Legends. If one of the players decides to leave while choosing a character, then all people from such a match are added to the queue first to play the match.

The proposal seems to make a lot of sense. It should not be a big technical problem either. Blizzard gave himself extra time to start season 18, so maybe even now something like that would be introduced.