Free Skin of the Precious K/DA Akali. New System Tested on Garen


Help Akala find the perfect soundtrack so that she can come back to the stage!

A completely new way to win prizes has just appeared on Garen! In addition to the prestigious Akala version, we’ll also get keys and boxes! It is possible that these are tests before introducing this to all servers, which is why we look at it with great interest.

See: The partners will receive a green version of Star Guardian Zoe!

A new way to get K/DA Akali!

There is now a new way to get prestigious Akala skin. Currently, it is only available on the Garena server. What does it look like

Every time you select a soundtrack, if it is not correct, it will return to the track pool! Permanently deleting a path increases the chance of finding the right path. In addition, we will receive additional prizes.

If we remove 8 tracks we have a guaranteed chance for the Prestigious K / DA Akali Edition! It only costs 10,000RP!

Will it come to Europe?

It is possible that these are tests of the tool that will eventually appear in other regions as well. However, it is difficult to say whether we will actually get the opportunity to get skins in this way. Gambling regulations come in here.

Let’s also remember that prices on Garen are lower and have much better rewards. Therefore, such an event in those areas has a chance to prove itself.