Fortnite Cheat Developers Can Expect a Lawsuit From Epic Games!

Epic Games

Forgiveness towards people cheating at Fortnite ended some time ago.

People who create and cheat at Fortnite can expect good consequences. In the middle of this year, there was a lot of talk about a certain YouTube user who was sued.

It was just about creating software that facilitates aiming, changes the field of view, has aimbot and ESP. In a word, a lot of harmful shit.

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It’s over

Youtuber advertised services and was probably one of the founders of websites where you could buy aimbots. He was held accountable and although the 14-year-old seemed to be making fun of the whole situation, the consequences can be very serious.

The battle continues in court but shows that Epic does a lot about cheaters. Each of them can expect a call to stop such activities and as a consequence a lawsuit for breaking the rules of the game and acting to its detriment.