An Offer for Players to Buy as Many Fortnite v-Bucks as They Want


Choose the number of V-Bucks to buy!

Inspired by payments in other games, as well as the choice of premium currency being bought, players proposed such a solution at Fortnite!

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Choose how many V-bucks you want to buy!

This system of choosing the amount of currency we want to buy is already known to players of titles such as World of Tanks. According to many reviews, it works very well and players have warmly received such an idea.

Jumps in the selection are every 100 pieces and the price also changes with each. This solution is much more convenient for buyers, but it can reduce currency sales. Instead of the example 1000, when we lack 400, we can buy exactly as much as we want, and therefore less money falls into the company’s cash register.

What would it look like?

One of the Reddit users outlined what it could look like:

Remember that most often micropayments are made in such a way that we almost always miss or miss a little.