xQc explains why Overwatch is unplayable and can’t be watched!


The popular xQc streamer explains why you don’t stream Overwatch so often!

One of the top streamers on Twitch and a former professional Overwatch xQc player, explains what is wrong with OverWatch. Are you sure he is right?

Overwatch is unplayable!

 Felix “xQc” Lengyel has recently raised a lot of controversy among Overwatch fans. A week ago, he talked about Overwatch’s bad condition, now he says he’s unplayable and can’t be streamed or watched.

On his official Twitter account, an entry commented on overwhelming visual effects in the game. As stated graphics are overwhelming, and restrictions imposed on streamers by platforms are not able to provide good image quality, making it difficult to watch.

In the next post, he apologized to his fans for not having better streams from Overwatch and to deal with other games. He also assured that he remembers them, but at the moment he is not enjoying the game and he has no desire to play this title.

We also remember that the streamer does not have to rely on Overwatch now. His rivets are very popular, regardless of the title. One fact only puzzles us, other streamers don’t mind the quality, so why him? Maybe it’s a way to get out of playing Overwatch and justify yourself?