What Will Change in the New Shaco? Disclosure of Plans!

Riot Games

Shaco will change soon, but what exactly?

Soon our clown will get a little reworka, but what exactly will change in it? Riot shows what they are working on and what changes they are keeping an eye on.

Scheduled changes!

The company plans to make the character playable in two ways, under AP and AD. They want to introduce two completely different styles of play. Remember that the changes shown are only illustrative and may still be subject to minor changes.

  • Passive ability
    • Additional damage if the target is attacked from behind or when he is scared.
    • Can deal critical damage.
  • Q
    • Invisibility changes from 1.5-4.5 >>> 2.5-3.5
    • Cooldown reduced, no reduction when dealing additional damage.
    • Bonus damage can criticize.
    • AP converter removed.
  • E
    • Deals magic instead of physical damage.
    • Bonus conversion for AD, in addition to that on AP.
    • Deals additional damage (50%) to enemies below 30% health. Earlier 0-50% depending on the missing health of the opponent.
  • R
    • The puppets start immediately, the fear duration is 1.5s (instead of 0.75s).
    • Clone explosion damage reduced.

We will probably see the changes in update 9.20. It is scheduled for October 9 on official servers! But probably two weeks earlier will appear on PBE!