Tilt Broxah Silences Perkz in a Fnatic vs G2 Match!


Perkz upset Broxah in LEC’s fifth playoff game!

Dependent on winning the forester Fnatic let go of his nerves and decided to silence ADC G2! How did this happen?

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Tilt Broxah = muted Perkz.

After a much unsuccessful action and mocking by Perkz, Broxah decided to mute him. “XD” itself can be said that it is not very toxic, nor does it offend anyone, but it is mocking. An unsuccessful attempt to pank with the results of kills 1 to 3 alone can be very upset, and what to say an additional comment from the opponent.

See for yourself what the failed gank looked like:

We just remind you that it was a decisive game because both teams had two points and this beginning of the game was very stressful. Due to pressure and numerous mistakes made by the whole team, Fnatic lost the match.