Start of the 18th Season in Overwatch Postponed by a Week!


Blizzard announced the extension of the test season.

Due to some complications, Blizzard postpones the official start of the next, 18th season. This is closely related to role blocking, but it is not known exactly what is going on and what causes the postponement of the deadlines.

Also, the test season will last another week.

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Postponed start of the 18th season

Many people will be happy, others will be very disappointed. Interestingly, Blizzard announced his decision just a few hours ago. It is possible that they have detected something serious or something has happened with the data collected about the players.

This, however, will remain the sweet secret of the heavenly, who will probably not explain where the delays came from at all. There are no exact start dates yet. We only have simple information about the ratio by one week.