Skin Design for Fortnite Based on the Cube!

Epic Games

An interesting skin theme based on all known cubes!

The cube appeared out of nowhere in season 5 and we can safely say that it has been written very strongly on the pages of Fortnite history. Five seasons later it is still well remembered and reappears, is it time for a new skin associated with it?

Skin based on the ankle!

The world of Fortnite players has gone crazy about Kevin, doing various incredible things related to him, one can safely say that he is one of the best-mentioned events. Epic Games knows this very well and maybe we will see skins associated with it in the near future! The very theme of a strange square newcomer from space gives you many skin options for as much as 2,000 V-bucks! We already have two projects from players that show their concept. Both are very different, which only confirms many different possibilities.

Player project lL

Epic Games

The design presents the theme of Kevin connected by energy, two backpacks, a pickaxe, and a hang glider. The hang glider looks the most interesting because the cube (which has the energy to reduce gravity) can work very well.

JANTRAX_NL player project

Epic Games

Here we can see a completely different style and idea. The skin looks like a Kevin version of the robot, but the pickaxe is not as normal as the one in the first design and fits well with the skin.