Loading Screen Themes as Background in the Fortnite Waiting Room!

Epic Games

A great concept for the background in the waiting room!

The standard seasonal background in the waiting room is slowly starting to get boring. And what if the player could choose the background?

Background from loading screen in the waiting room!

One of the players came up with the great idea of ​​introducing some novelty and thus changing the basic part of the game – sitting in the waiting room.

He did an overview project about the background in the waiting room. As you probably know, it changes with each season, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but there will always be someone who doesn’t like it.

The background would depend on the leader of the waiting room and players would see the one with the leader set. Let’s not forget that you can go a step further and give completely other graphics that would only serve as a waiting room.

By introducing your own configuration, Epic Games would add more variety and make players happy!