Jankos From G2 Wins With Fnatic and Goes to the LEC Final!


The match was very fierce, eventually, it ended in a G2 victory.

It was a difficult crossing for Jankos’ team. Fnatic started hard, earning the advantage of two winning rounds. Fortunately, G2 Esports managed to do everything and show the last round that they deserve the final.

Record viewership

At some point, the match was watched by 485 464 people. It was one of the best shows of the season LEC. G2 had to make up for the loss of two rounds, where Fnatic was basically the first team from Europe to break even one map for themselves.

However, G2 confirmed its superiority especially in the last round. There the map was explained below 20 minutes. Thus, Jankos’s team reports in the LEC final.