Free Item for Fortnite Players for Problems Playing?


Technical problems, or any problems at all, always raise the same questions.

Technical problems are an integral part of all services in the world. They happen unexpectedly, as in this case. Today, they’ve got a lot of internets, including Fortnite.

Should such a situation – the unavailability of the game for several hours, give developers something to give players in return?

Free through problems

So far this situation has only occurred once, not counting V-Bucks for specific platforms. Do you remember how everyone received the backpack?

Then it was about an extended technical break. This, however, raises the question of whether such a failure (because we are talking about failure) can lead to something free?

Yes and no. The current break is not caused by problems in Epic Games, the studio was not at fault. Therefore, it is difficult to give something to players through their mistakes. On the other hand, for whatever reason – Fortnite doesn’t work.