Riot Wants To Return To Easter Eggs Announcing New Characters!

Riot Games

Riot commented on the return to the announcement of new characters.

League of Legends players reminded developers that at one time they created more interesting announcements of new characters and additions to LoL.

One of the studio’s employees responded to all this, mentioning that the team is currently exploring various possibilities.

Return to the roots

The post was mainly about announcements for Summoner’s Rift, where small characters predicted the arrival of a new character. Interestingly, Riot is currently working on such easter eggs. According to many sources, Rioter’s ambiguous statement may indicate that developers are working on a more interesting trailer for the next hero.

The fun with easter aggs is that you don’t know when they will come. We are not just working on heroes, I will leave it without comment.

The statement was longer, but this seems to be the most important sentence. Riot does not speak on topics for which there are no plans.

We approach each hero’s premiere individually and plan what his premiere should look like.

It remains for us than to wait for the effects of the work and hope that perhaps developers will return to the old style of announcing new products in an unobvious way.