Overwatch Players Have Enough Problems and Loss of Points by WoW Classic


It’s no secret that Blizzard has had problems with the stability of its servers for many years.

The bigger event, premiere and we are virtually one hundred percent sure that Blizzard servers simply will not withstand. Of course, it’s a matter of more interest than usual, but such Fortnite or League of Legends at hand blue would be permanently unavailable.

In any case, Overwatch players strongly complain about disconnection issues.

50 points always hurt

It’s mainly about a situation where someone plays ranked matches. Then disconnection from the server ends with a loss of points. Despite many years, there is still no system that recognizes whether the problem occurred by Blizzard or by players.

And such a thing would not be difficult to do. Since Blizzard confirms the failure, he should give the ranking points to the people thrown out.

Irritation with this situation has increased due to the premiere of WoW Classic. For now, production is holding very well on Twitch, so it can be assumed that interest in it is very high.

However, it costs a lot of nerves to people playing other blue titles. Servers just can’t handle such occupancy. And this is not a situation where suddenly everyone wants to enter Overwatch because of an event. Here, we simply have a lot of traffic, probably comparable to the events in OW. Will Blizzard handle this?