Fortnite: Epic Games explains building changes!

Epic Games

Yesterday’s update introduced changes to building in Fortnite. Epic Games decided to explain why this decision.

Yesterday Fortnite experienced a real storm due to a change in the building. Developers changed the build time from 0.05 s to 0.15 s. Today they decided to explain it.

Changes in building

We drop in to provide a wider context for changes introduced to turbocharging.

What has changed in Update 10.20? 
We have restored the time for constructing more structures in turbo building from 0.05 s to 0.15 s in 10.20. This value has been used in the past for update 4.30.

Why change turbocharging? 
This is the first step to correcting several problems:

  • Fast turbo-building provides a disproportionate advantage to players with low ping.
    • Taking walls (so-called taking walls – trying to erect the wall before the opponent does it)
    • Defensive game (so-called turtling – the continuous rebuilding of the destroyed wall)
  • A defensive game (turtling) gives the defender a disproportionate advantage
    • For example, it is enough for the defender to hold the mouse button while the whole team shoots 1 × 1 of his building
  • Accuracy of placing building elements
    • It’s easy to accidentally put several parts “at once”
  • Build spamming
    • It’s easy to spam build
    • We want the building to be done in a more thoughtful way

What we don’t want to change strongly:

  • Feels of reaction time when building
  • The possibilities of building the so-called ninety (the 90s)
    • Quick height advantage thanks to building on the basis of the size of one field
  • Possibility of building a waterfall (so-called “waterfall”)
    • Building walls falling down to avoid falling from a great height