Epic Games’s Further Plans for Building Changes!

Epic Games

The issue of changes in the building has divided the community very much.

It seems to be another change where Epic Games really wanted well. This is evident by what they wanted to achieve and what changes were not to affect.

The possibility of building ninety or waterfall building was to be unchanged. Meanwhile, it was these elements that hit the most.

What’s next?

Epic Games wrote what it plans to do next. It is also possible that seeing the community’s response, the changes will be moderated. There is no official information here yet. However, below is a message from Epic:

We’re working to make the following changes. We will let you know on our social media channels once they are implemented.

  • Replace the delay when placing the first element and with turbocharging with a constant building speed
    • The setting of the first item is immediate
    • It is not possible to build faster than one element for every 0.15 s
    • Note: This change by itself does not solve the problem of over-defensive turtling / low ping advantage
  • Force the principle of constant building speed for contentious elements
    • If a building element is destroyed:
      • The server waits for 0.15 s before allowing rebuilding
      • Players trying to rebuild the damaged fragment before these 0.15 seconds have elapsed are added to the list
      • We consider two ways to determine the winner of such a duel:
        • Toss a coin between players who are not currently the owners of the fragment
        • Toss a coin between all players trying to put up a piece of the building
        • Granting greater chances to the player who currently controls the item
      • When the delay is over, the element is put up
    • This eliminates the influence of ping when taking walls (“taking walls”)
    • This ensures a minimum time between the destruction of the element and its replacement