ARURF Has Returned to the League of Legends Test Server!

Riot Games

ARURF mode liked by players appeared yesterday on the test server.

Riot Games has returned to ARURF mode testing, a lot of it has been changed, and therefore will not appear in the next update. Perhaps in 9.19, although this has not been confirmed.

The mode has received many changes regarding heroes, runes and Summoner’s Rift itself.

ARURF changes

From the heroes of the change Sona and Pyke received:

  • Pyke treatment reduction (100% >>> 80%)
  • Pyke treatment reduction (100% >>> 95%)
  • Sona reduction of treatment (100% >>> 82%)

As for the rest, the list is really long. Riot points out that the whole very tests and may still change. Below are the changes in English:


  • Elder Dragon now spawns at 9 minutes, rather than 5 minutes.
  • Elder Dragon buff reduced at the base and empowered. We think the cannon dramatically increases the amount of time buff holders actually use the buff in fights (versus rotating around the map), and don’t want securing Elder buff to be the only strategy teams can win with.
  • Base duration 150 seconds >>> 120 seconds
  • Empowered 300 seconds >>> 180 seconds
  • Turret plating now has a range of healthy values, skewing easier to take the first few plates
  • Each turret plate 1k health >>> 500 -1500 health based on the plate
  • Turret plates value has increased to greater reward early lane aggression compared to map objectives.
  • 160 gold (660 for all 4) >>> 300 gold


  • Transcendence
  • Bonus CDR activation level: 10 >>> 15
  • Adaptive Force for over capped CDR: 2 >>> 0.5
  • Gathering Storm
  • Increment interval: 4.5 >>> 6