Two-Factor League of Legends Payment Authentication Coming Soon!

Riot Games

Two-factor payment confirmation will soon be in the League.

Riot’s task is to introduce small corrections to European servers regarding the payment system, what will they characterize?

European Union directive

By the end of August this year, Riot Games will update European payment systems, they must comply with the EU directive called PSD2. The biggest change is the transition to client authentication, in other words, the payment system will require two-factor authentication. Of course, this form depends on the payment service provider, possible scenarios:

  • The contractor will ask for a code sent by SMS, e-mail or application.
  • The contractor can run two-factor authentication on servers.
  • The provider may not be ready for two-factor authentication, so we won’t buy anything in-game through it.

Due to this change, credit and debit card information stored on our accounts will be reset, so don’t panic if our card disappears! Just enter the data again before buying RP.

The update will take place in waves, so you may not need to update the data again.