Overwatch on Switch? The Cover Appeared on Amazon!


I think Blizzard will have a big announcement soon.

Overwatch on Switch has been talked about for several years. We’ve always heard that the developers would love to develop Overwatch enough to be able to transfer them to Nintendo consoles.

It is possible that we have just reached this point. This announces a cover from Amazon.

Overwatch case for Switch

A cover appeared on Amazon, which was supposed to be a licensed Nintendo and Blizzard product. It is possible that the product appeared prematurely because it was soon removed.


Blizzard likes this type of small announcements, from which large things come out. It is possible that the Nintendo console will be enriched by a new, large title.

The release of Overwatch on Switch would definitely be a huge step for Blizzard and a sign that in fact, the studio can go towards mobile gaming.

It is not known when what and how. We have to wait for this information. Maybe it’s just a case, or maybe something more.