Details of Cooperation Between Fortnite and Borderlands! New Seat Reservation, New Skins!

Epic Games

Epic Games has now completely surprised everyone.

A new seat has been added to Fortnite that graphically reflects the climate of Borderlands. It’s something that hasn’t been seen before, both in Fortnite and throughout the history of games.

Fortnite x Borderlands

Hello, travelers!

The inhabitants of Pandora managed to get to Fortnite, and the chaos on their planet hit the game. From today to September 10, you’ll be shooting and looting in the Rift Zone with Pandora, themed challenges with free rewards, and in the Psychozestaw store.

Do you dream of sowing chaos? In that case, take care of the right look – grab the Psychosset from the store and hit the road with Claptrap on your back!


Epic Games

A gap zone with Pandora appeared on the map with a graphic design referring to this legendary planet; in addition, if you don’t take damage for some time, a shield will protect you. Wreaking havoc all over Pandora, you’ll also come across other surprises.

Epic Games

Create your own Pandora using new ready-made creatives in Fortnite! Change the look of your locations using the new camera filter, then share your masterpiece using the hashtag #FortniteXMayhem. Publish your work on Instagram, Twitter and Reddit with the hashtag #FortniteXMayhem until September 6 to get the chance to hit the Podium.

Epic Games

Are you looking for loot? Check out the free set of “Welcome to Pandora” challenges, which include prizes such as Chaos painting, Vault Hunter banner, Psychograffiti, and Graffiti Bunny Bunny.

It’s time to start spreading chaos!