7-Minute Death Stranding Cutscene Recorded and Shared Online


Hideo Kojima was present at Gamescom 2019 to promote his mysterious Death Stranding, but the vast majority of players remained as they were before: not understanding much of the game.

It’s months from its November 8 release on PS4, but we still know little about what this Death Stranding really is, Sam’s mission, what we will do in the game and who these characters are.

Kojima wants to keep everything a secret so that your surprise is bigger when you play and present a small gameplay trailer at Opening Night Live, in which you confirm that your great friend Geoff Keighley is an in-game NPC.

However, behind closed doors, he presented a 7-minute cutscene in which Hardman and Amelie explain to Sam what they need from him, specifically what United Bridges of America needs.

This cutscene should not have been shared online, but the folks at RePorter Bridges recorded it with their cell phone camera and finally allows millions of fans to discover more of Death Stranding’s plot than Kojima himself.

“Sam, listen to me,” says Hardman. “America, reconstructivism, your dream is not dead. This is the face of our new hope, the new America.”

This is how Hardman introduces Amelie, who in turn explains that her mother has passed away (Bridget, the lady we have seen bedridden in the White House), explaining to Sam that his body “is still on the beach and cannot grow old.” It is also confirmed that these characters already knew each other, that Sam fled and meanwhile ten years passed.

Hardman explains that Amelie prepared an expedition to unite America and went west, persuading communities to connect and after three years they made it to the Pacific. However, she was arrested by the Homo Demons in Edge Knot City, which resists United Cities of America and the Bridget government.

Sam doesn’t trust Hardman or Amelie and believes that, like the Homo Demons, they just want to control the people, the cities, but they both argue that their purpose is to bring people together and in an age where people distance themselves from each other. others, the mission is to bring them closer through online connections.

The cutscene also introduces Sam’s mission: head west and finish Amelie’s mission by connecting to the online network Chirale terminals, which are still isolated. Sam will have to use Q-Pid to connect them to the network. A Q-Pid is a necklace you see around Sam’s neck that wears it in the latest gameplay trailer.

“Take Q-Pid West Sam and reconnect the people of our great nation. And when you get to Edge Knot City, find Amelie and bring her home,” Hardman tells Sam and confirms his mission.

Fulfilling Bridget’s wish by saving Amelie and connecting the cities of America is how Sam will get involved in this plot and venture after turning his back on it 10 years ago.